As a leadership team we invite you to join us in a period of fasting, however Father leads you to join in,
from January 1 - January 21.
This time of fasting and prayer is intentional as we set our hearts to seek first His Kingdom at the start of 2021

Each week will have a different focus as we seek God and pray:
Week 1,  January 1 - 7: Who God is to me
Week 2,  January 8 - 14: Who we are in Him
Week 3,  January 15 - 21: Who are we called to be to others

Matthew 6:16-18 TPT

16 “When you fast, don’t look like those who pretend to be spiritual.
They want everyone to know they’re fasting, so they appear in public looking miserable, gloomy, and disheveled.
Believe me, they’ve already received their reward in full.
17–18 When you fast, don’t let it be obvious, but instead,
wash your face and groom yourself and realize that your Father in the secret place
is the one who is watching all that you do in secret
and will continue to reward you openly.”


Jesus fasted to acknowledge His dependence and to gain spiritual strength through reliance on the Holy Spirit and God’s Word.
(Luke 4:1-2)

When we fast we intentionally declare with our time and priority that we value relationship with Jesus as more important to us than what we may give up.

We fast because we are hungry to know Him more personally, significantly and sincerely.

When we fast and pray, we intentionally place a higher value on our relationship with Jesus that what we give up.

With this we declare several things:

We declare this with our time and priority.
We declare that we have a greater need for Him, then we do for food.
We declare that He is worthy of our lives as living sacrifices.
We place a tangible value on Him and our willingness to sacrifice food as we rely on Him.
We humble ourselves and declare that He is all we need and all that is important to us.We don’t do it to twist God’s arm into doing something for us.

We don’t do it to earn favour with God or impress Him.

We don’t fast to be seen or to impress other people.

Our heart and desire is to fast as He leads and graces us, this is especially important for longer fasts.

Matt 6:33 TPT
“So above all, constantly chase after the realm of God’s kingdom and the righteousness that proceeds from him. Then all these less important things will be given to you abundantly.


Here are a few things to prayerfully consider:

Should I be cautions about fasting?

If you have any concerns about fasting, please, check with your family doctor before doing fasts longer than a few days if you have not fasted before.
They may also have important information regarding any medications and fasting.

If you have no health or other concerns then feel free to try a shorter fast of 1 to three days to start with and take it from there.  You will be joining the disciples and millions of believers who have fasted and prayed throughout their lives.

Types of fasts:

Esther 4:16 - No food or water. (Not regularly practiced, should only be done in clear obedience and after medical consultation)

Water only, no food. (Commonly practiced among Christians)

Daniel 9:3, Daniel 10:3
(A common alternative to a regular fast)
No meats, dairy, sugars.
Yes to: Fruit and vegetables, nuts and whole grains.

Common fasting durations:   (Allow Holy Spirit to lead you)

1 Day, 3 Days, 7 Days, 14 Days, 21 Days, 40 Days



Your favourite bible 
Try having access to a few new or different translations.

A fresh journal
to record prayers, conversations, priorities and anything that He reveals to you.
(This is probably one of the best things you can engage with.)

Prepare your body.  
(Don’t cram or overeat before a fast, it just makes it more challenging)

In a regular water-only fast, the first 3 days are often more of a challenge as your body, detoxes, craves things and lets you know it’s displeasure of your decision to fast.  
This may be less noticeable in a Daniel fast.
The days following day 3 are often significantly easier and fruitful. 

If you have fasted for more than 3 days,
 it is recommended to take the same amount of time that you fasted to slowly reintroduce yourself to your regular diet.  

The longer you fast, the longer you should give your body to get re-acclimatized to regular food.

Consider initially starting with diluted fruit juice (
part fruit juice and part water) on the first day.
Then move on to undiluted fruit juice.
Then on to soups and soft fruits and vegetables.
Meat is recommended usually as the last thing to return
to in your regular diet.


There are many good books and online resources available to you.

We have limited the listed resources as our intention is not to study fasting,
but rather to simply fast and pray as we enter 2021.

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