Our Story

How it all started...

Peter and Teresa, together with their children, have made Canada their home.  They first felt God stirring their hearts for the people and nation of Canada in 2004. Married in October 2003, this couple has served and ministered since 1998 in a large kingdom apostolic and family based church in Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa.  As they say, “This is the place that has not only been where we've lived, but also where we've found a true home and family that have impacted and altered our lives for all eternity.” 

They have a heart for the nations and to see God's kingdom come wherever they can.

This couple has been part of leadership teams within the church for over 20 years and having served as elders, have a clear understanding of church government and divine order.  

 They have together led many mentoring, discipleship and other small groups where relationships have formed the basis for activity. They are firmly rooted and grounded in their sonship with their heavenly Father and continue to walk that out with their oversight in Church of the Nations and hey have come to value and cherish this life-filled relationship in the kingdom.  

They love to champion the cause of the local and victorious church and are given to equipping and raising up sons and daughters with an emphasis on leadership development and training.  

Expanding the vision...

Peter and Teresa have a passion to represent and reflect heaven at every opportunity.  It is through love and relationship that they desire to see His family built.  Advancing with God, His family and His kingdom.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 10 am
or during the week as we gather as family and  friends
to grow together in a relational way.

You belong in God's family.
We invite you to find your place to belong and become all Father has created you to be.