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Join us for the first Training Week of 2022, January 28 - 29:  C U L T I V A T E, unearthing the marriage you've always wanted. 

Presenters & Hosts

In 18+ years of marriage, they  have endured much that life has to throw at them. Together, with their two kids, Hannah and Micah, they’ve navigated the regular ups and downs of life as they navigated jobs, finances, after school activities, friendships and family dynamics. In addition to this, they’ve overcome other significant challenges, such as processing various traumas in their pasts as well as two separate critical illnesses that threatened Stephen’s life. Having entered into, and subsequently out of, vocational ministry they’ve had to adapt to the changing times of running and starting a second small business during covid.
Since around the times of Stephen’s illnesses, Stephen and Chantel have thrown themselves headlong into learning about emotional health and its effect on your physical and spiritual health.
Having their foundation established on God, they carry the heart of a father and mother and have worked with individuals and couples over the last ten years. They have provided leadership for an ongoing marriage retreat that has seen as many as 50 couples attend. They are passionate about both marriages and an individual's emotional, mental and spiritual health.

DATES:  January 28 + 29, 2022
VENUE: C3 Church North - 3812 Marbank Dr NE
TIMES:  Friday evening,  7:00 - 9:30 pm.   Saturday, 9:30 am.- 5:00pm.
COST:  $40.00 per couple
*** Registration closes January 24, 2022.
Please note Registration is only complete once payment has been received. 
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